The Rural Transport Network is a representative body of the 35 Companies delivering the Rural Transport Programme(RTP) in Ireland.

The aim of the Rural Transport Programme is to provide a quality nationwide community based public transport system in rural Ireland which responds to local needs

 The Rural Transport Companies were responsible for 1,730,784 passenger journeys in Rural Ireland in 2012. Over 80% of those passengers were collected at their front door and 40% of the services provided were provided by fully accessible vehicles with a further 32% being provided by partially accessible vehicles (passenger assistant or extra steps to access the vehicle)

It is conservatively estimated that over 11 million km were travelled by buses in 2012 collecting passengers.

The Rural Transport Network submitted a  document entitled “RTN Submission on restructuring of RTP 25th February 2013” to Minister Alan Kelly

Within this submission we advocated for:
1. The establishment of 25 County Integrated Transport Units (CITU) operating to county boundaries (and across county boundaries by necessity to maximise efficiencies)
2. Each of CITU Units will act as agents of the National Transport Authority
3. Each CITU Unit will have allocated core funding (a guaranteed, sustained consistent level of funding allocated for the administration of the CITU).

This submission was a follow on from  “Toward Integrated Rural Transport” submission August 2011 which outlined the RTN’s vision for the future of the Rural Transport Programme. This document promoted a 10 point plan and outlined the key decisions and actions required to meet this vision. To read the full document please click on the link –  Toward Integrated Rural Transport.

The Rural Transport Network was formed in March 2009. The role of the Rural Transport Network is to establish an Independent voice for the ongoing development and mainstreaming of Rural Transport in Ireland. The network has a key role in both the internal transfer of knowledge as well as the external role of building strategic alliances with key players.

The Rural Transport programme is  funded by the Department of Transport under the National Development Plan 2007-2013. This programme is managed by Pobal on behalf of the Department.