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11th November 2010


Laois Trip Offices, Portlaoise



1.POA reform – is there a more effective way to report information?

  • POA process appears to be very laborious and time consuming. Pobal are looking at the possibility of including a “check list” to be completed before companies send in the POA
  • Pobal have also started exploring the possibilities of on-line financial reporting


Actions / Recommendations

All efforts to streamline the reporting obligations are widely welcomed. However, for them to be 100% effective there needs to be input from companies at ground level into the design and production of such systems. We request that the Finance working group are consulted and have direct input into all future reporting systems.

2.Cost Savings

  • There are now 2 competitive deals with O2 and Vodafone
  • Fuel cards give great transparency and administrative control but might not be the cheapest option
  • Insurance is very complex and maybe needs to be broken down into sections and relevant advice circulated to groups

Actions / Recommendations

  • Summary of both deals to be circulated to all groups
  • Pass on the relevant information on fuel cards to the operational working group for comment and recommendation

Finance working group to seek and provide information on office, company and directors insurance. Operational working group to seek and provide information on fleet insurance

3.Health & Safety

  • The Operational working group are currently examining the H&S management system and addressing the concerns of RTP companies. Pobal have informed us of the unfortunate and sad fatal accident that happened on a RTP service. The Finance working group wish to extend our deepest sympathies to the family and RTP company concerned.

Actions / Recommendations

  • This incident will be a test of policies and procedures in the transport area. It is imperative that we pay very close attention to every step that is taken by the Gardai, RTP company and any impending court case. We ask that Pobal keep us informed of all relevant information and present the findings when appropriate.

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