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                                Update from Executive Committee Meeting
20th July 2011

A chara,

The following is a brief update from the RTN Executive Committee, following a meeting held in Portlaoise on Wednesday 20th July 2011.


The following items were discussed:

1)    The Health & Safety committee is currently under review in light of recent developments and groups will be informed of any updates.

2)    The Network would like to hear from members who are interested in being involved in a new Policy and Development Sub-committee of the Network.

3)    The Operational Committee has been working on a National Policy for Adverse Weather. A draft of the document has been attached to this email for you to review. Any comments can be forwarded to me.

4)    On 20th June 2011, Fiona O Shea of SITT, Jackie Meally of Ring-a-link and Dick Hincy of Roscommon Rural Transport made presentations to a party which included a representation from the NTA, two representatives from the Department of Transport, including John McCarthy, and representatives from Pobal in Kilkenny. During their visit, the visiting delegates were also brought on a rural service, and shown around the dispatch centre in Kilkenny.

5)    The work on the Submission to the Minister is ongoing and a draft will be circulated to all members shortly for input.

6)    Noel McCormack recently had a site visit from a representative of the Centre of Expenditure Evaluation unit in D/PER as part of a Comprehensive Spending Review- (Department of Finance). This request came through Pobal.

This review encompassed the following areas:

  • Non emergency patient transport
  • Rural transport programme
  • School Transport programme.

There was a follow up request looking for the following reporting information:

  • Split of funding sources by type (2010 and 2009 if possible)
  • Capacity of vehicles by route for your services as they currently stand
  • Average number of seats occupied by passengers by route across all trips for the     month of May
    • The breakdown of annual passengers as between fixed scheduled, demand   responsive and community car
    • Annual passengers by fixed scheduled route  (There was a useful page in the PoA   which set out route, km and passenger numbers – it would be helpful to get this page)
  • Annual profile of passengers

7)    RTN WEBSITE – A new Forum has been added to the website. New features of this forum will allow members to track your own posts, or posts that maybe of interest to you. It will allow you to send private messages to other members.  I am in the process of putting together a users’ guide, this will be circulated to all in due course. In the meantime please log on, take a look and let me know if you have any comments, problems etc.



The Network welcomes any Information or Developments that are happening on the ground that you would like to share with others, and that you think may be of assistance to other groups. 

If you have any queries concerns or comment for the Executive please feel free to contact me, or any member of the Executive.








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