Operational Working Group Meeting 10th May 2011

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Present :  Padraig O’Ruairc, Noel McCormack, Kevin Traynor, Alan Kerry and Seamus Lee.
Apologies : Terri Mc Gourty, Gretta O Connor.
Topic Discussion Action Needed Outcome



Compliance Pobal to check the implications of Clause 31 from the funding contract

Clause 32 has been changed,

  Safety Statements Pobal  to check if they are to be included in Tender Document Requirements Outstanding from last report
  Training Funding required from the Technical Assistance  Budget for training for managers in

a)     Health /Safety Manual

b)    Transport Management

C.P.C. Pubic Transport Act ,Unitary costs.

Adverse Weather Policy Recent Bad Weather Clarification of payment to contractors during inclement weather.

Finalization of National Policy


Outstanding from last report

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