National Meeting 12th October 2011 – Minutes of the Meeting.

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Please find attached a brief report on the RTN National meeting which took place last week. (click on the link below to see the full report)

Notes National Meeting 12th October

The following meetings have been scheduled(details also included in the members Calendar):

Tuesday 25th October  – Meeting with the NTA

Friday 28th October  – Meeting with Pobal

Tuesday 1st   November  –  1st  SITT Workshop Donegal 10.30 to 4.30 (details to follow)

Thursday 3rd November  – CILT Conference on rural transport policy and strategy, Tipperary

Wednesday 9th November – Meeting with DTTAS

Following on from this meeting : a template will be sent out in relation to compiling the current level of Health Related Services provided by the RTP. An analysis of Free Travel Pass monies to determine shortfall will also be undertaken,  again template to follow in due course.

Could you also keep the Network updated / informed of any innovative work that you are engaged in or are currently piloting?

On behalf of the Network,  thank you for your attendance and input at last week meetings. 

 If there are any specific issues or concerns you have please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Executive .

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