About Us

The role of the Rural Transport Network is to establish an independent voice for the ongoing development and mainstreaming of Rural Transport in Ireland.

The key terms of reference are:

  • Facilitating opportunities to network through organised scheduled meetings and assembles for members during the year.
  • Developing Strategic alliances – building and consolidation strategic alliances with relevant bodies and networks, including key Government departments,Pobal, National Transport Authority,state agencies , national collectives such as CWC,Wheel,Irish Local Development Network,National Disability Authority,Age Action etc.
  • Promoting mainstreaming; this involves the effective profiling and promoting of successful local companies/projects and/or approaches to tackling issues of social exclusion and rural public transport at the national and local levels.
  • Highlighting the challenges and opportunities presented for rural transport in Ireland and work in a pro active manner to address these.

  • Lobbying and responding to changing needs which involves reviewing regularly and taking stock of RTN representation on Policy Structures:identifying new policy structures and lobbying Government and policy makers on budgetary and policy issues
  • Promoting and facilitating intergated and coordinated strategy development which will be based on a spirit of openness and commitment to change.
  • Profiling and Branding: developing and updating the Rural Transport Brand to portray our effectivesness as a network;detailing our developments,achievements influneces,which will facilitate our future positioning and development.
  • Encouraging wide spread recognition of the Rural Transport Programme(RTP) Brand through increased vehicle branding and profiling(official RTP logo developed by Pobal)