Guidelines and Call for Applications

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NEW Rural Transport Funding Guidelines Final Document 2013.10.03

Proposal for the selection of RTP TCUs Final Document 2013.10.03

Dear Recipients,

Further to the announcement by Minister Alan Kelly, TD, on 9th July 2013, we attached the following documents relating to the restructuring of the Rural Transport Programme:

1.       Call for Applications

2.       Funding Guidelines

The ‘Call for Applications’ document sets out the approach being implemented by the NTA for the management of the application, assessment and selection of the 18 Transport Coordination Units (TCUs), as part of the restructuring of the Rural Transport Programme, as described in the Report entitled ‘Strengthening the Connections in Rural Ireland’ published by the Authority on 9th July, 2013.  The ‘Funding Guidelines’ document sets out the overarching configuration planned for the delivery of the restructured Programme, with the associated job descriptions and salary levels and confirms that the structure for the management of the delivery of rural transport services is through 18 Transport Coordination Units.


The NTA is extending an invitation to the Boards of Management and Coordinators of all RTP Groups to attend a national meeting of the Groups on Thursday, 10th October @ 10.30am, in the Killeshin Hotel in Portlaoise. The purpose of this meeting is to respond to any clarifications that the Groups may have. The NTA requests that all future email communications and queries relating to the restructuring process are channelled through this email address. All responses by the NTA to clarification requests will be circulated to all Groups.


Yours Sincerely,


Anne Graham,

Director Public Transport Services


RTN Submission on Restructuring

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The Rural Transport Network submitted a  document entitled “RTN Submission on restructuring of RTP 25th February 2013” to Minister Alan Kelly

Within this submission we advocated for:
1. The establishment of 25 County Integrated Transport Units (CITU) operating to county boundaries (and across county boundaries by necessity to maximise efficiencies)
2. Each of CITU Units will act as agents of the National Transport Authority
3. Each CITU Unit will have allocated core funding (a guaranteed, sustained consistent level of funding allocated for the administration of the CITU).

RTN welcomes and supports Minister Alan Kelly’s announcement to introduce the Rural Hackney Scheme.

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The Rural Transport Network welcomes and supports Minister Alan Kelly’s announcement to introduce the Rural Hackney Scheme.

Ms Fiona O’ Shea, Chairperson of the Rural Transport Network said “This scheme has the potential to work alongside rural transport programme and meet unresolved needs which continue to exist in rural communities. The Rural Transport Network particularly welcomes the focus on social inclusion, rural isolation and community ownership”  Rural Transport Network Press Release on Rural Hackney 12th June 2013